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Here be zombies, fairies, gaming ramblings, and grumpy comments about life. Most of the times i'm random...and gaming addicted.

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I think I have a crush on your blog *o*

awwww <3

ya know, in days like these, when i gotta be photographer for a 100+ ppl grand party and i have the most upset stomach one can think of…this sweet anon brightened my day. thank you very much hugs! *now let’s drag the old bones away from pc lol*




My friend who plays Chinese GW2 sent me this gif. ovo


My friend who plays Chinese GW2 sent me this gif. ovo

Thank you for the follow! :)

you’re very welcomed. i like me some gw2+random gaming ramblings so keep it going :D

If love were liquid it would drown me
In a place less place would find me
In a heart shape come around me and then
Melt me slowly down

Happy Anniversary Guild Wars 2 :D 

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Nickname: queendama, queenie
Birthday: December 4
Gender: female
Sexuality: ehm o.O straight? i guess lol
Height: 168 cm
Time Zone: GMT + 2:00 as far as i know lol…bad timezone though with bad ppl ew ew ew
What time and date is it there: 12:15 / 28 august 2014 *sob*
Average hours of sleep I get each night: oh average is so relative with me, average some months is 5…average other months is 8 lol
The last thing I Googled was: how to make dripping coffee (DON’T JUDGE lmao QQ)
My most used phrase(s): i’m a collection of uninteresting and plain words and expressions…i guess among them would be “dafuck”, “so on” and “meh”
First word that comes to mind: swan (idk really o.O)
What I last said to a family member: ….then fuck off to work
One place that makes me happy & why: at my parents, is a bit ironic cuz the presence of my father makes me utterly unhappy but my mother makes it all worthwhile (cheezy i know)
How many blankets I sleep under: only one, but i have a different kind of blankets for each season teehee >.<
Favorite beverage(s): coffee hands down, and radlers as close second
The last movie I watched in the cinema: oh god…i think it was the last SAW on a Halloween marathon in 2011 o.O (wow i should go to the cinema sometimes before retirement again lol…i used to go at least once/month
Three things I can’t live without: my PC, my glasses and my phone (i don’t use it for talking but as a mini-PC when i’m not at pc…PCception mwahah *retard*)
Something I plan on learning: to make that bloody dripping coffee at my new machine…
You have to listen to this song: Antimatter - Fighting For A Lost Cause 
A piece of advice for all my followers: never fight for lost causes..

My blog(s):  only this one so it kinda explains the randomness one can find inside lol sorry ppl >.< it starts as a gaming blog…continues as a manga one…then goes all emo and then goes back at gaming..the curses of only having time to maintain a single blog :(

sorry again if i don’t tag many ppl..they won’t answer anyway lol but  aikorealm and aefnur can be my next victims haha…get this going :D




a bit of the recent adventures.

finally got to level 30 on baby elementalist and i am loving the class so very much. big change compared to the ranger that’s for sure. also dat awkward moment when somebody is spoiling you way too much in game and with a bit of luck u pile a ridiculous amount of new dyes in just a few minutes. i haz hot pink life is now complete lol.

but…long term goals i do have in this game…fashion i have (as i said too much spoiling and i don’t deserve so much care i promise lol) fun i have plenty…and not being alone anymore plays a huge role in me saying that i might actually stop the mmo-hopping for now….wow..did i really say that? o.O 


When u get carried through a dungeon


When u get carried through a dungeon

Top 10 Videogames

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absolutely not in preference order here just a random one as i remembered them..or more likely the chronological order i played them. but these would be my favorites nonetheless.

  1. Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction
  2. Dungeon Siege 1&2 (go away 3 lol)
  3. Titan Quest + Immortal Throne
  4. Icewind Dale
  5. Both The Witcher(s)
  6. The Elder Scrolls (less the online one)
  7. Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 (spent soooo much playing these 2 lol..would be among my first 3 most played and most loved games)
  8. Bioshock Infinite
  9. Darksiders II
  10. Devil May Cry (yes the new one..loved it shhhh >.<)
  11. Tomb Raider (just a bonus…still kinda grumpy that the new one will be a retarded console exclusivity so just kicked this off the top lol)

sorry for not tagging anybody in particular but….if any of my followers wants to make a top of their most loved games in history (from what they remember)..i would gladly read and enjoy the opinion :D

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Rule Two: Answer the questions asked by your tagger and ask eleven more.
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1. is music important to you?  used to be a way of living. ya know ..concerts/band t-shirts/certain clothing style and a full PC with different bands for different moods. in the past few years is most likely turn on the radio-forget is on the background and turn on some game’s volume louder to cover the buzzing. it can become important again i am sure is somewhere hidden :)

2. why did you pick this picture as your icon? my hair length when i chose it was same as in the is shorter cuz i keep cutting it cuz i’m a bitch with my own hair…i guess to remember i must let my hair grow … one day >.<

3. do you get attached to inanimate objects? this will suck and put me into a funny light..but…yeah more than to humans most of the time lol o.O

4. if a friend says something you consider insensitive, would you call them out on it? i never call out on ppl…eventually a few months later when i get out of the shock lol…i like arguing with ppl but i think it depends on certain limits. if they break them somehow in jerky’ness i think i get too shocked to answer back..idk…working on this honestly >.<

5. what is your favourite snack? chips…lay’s …salty :D omg gief haha

6. who is your current celebrity crush? i had so many during the years..from football players to actors and singers..but right in this moment i think nobody in particular…life feels empty lol.

7. if you were a book character, do you think readers would find you “realistic”? i think they would find me …ehm…realistic and badly drawn most of the time. like u know…if i was a book character i would be that one that u as a reader…with brain and all just yell from your bed “DON’T GET IN THAT ROOM IS FULL OF MONSTERS” but me as the character enter it and then stomp on the stairs and get my butt ate by ghosts. i think i am paris hilton in house of wax-realistic (even if it’s a movie example) o.O shhhh i am working on this too :D

8. what skill do you have that you are particularly proud of? pro-gamer…:D:D no..really.. *sob* i think i fail in most departments and if i had good skills, they are long forgotten and rusty. finding the right solutions right when the boat is about to sink maybe? :(

9. do you laugh at funny gifs of people falling down? lmao…well i hate pranks in general idk why they feel like a mockery..but if is something natural and funny i might…smile? o.O at most.

10. what do you think about colour-coded baby clothes?down with the clothes babies are meant to be taken photos nude and then show them when they are older to brag with the size of their dick/slim figure since infancy. errr…i don’t like color-coded baby clothes ok?

11. post a picture of your pet!.. please?



my tagged ppl would be: gooeybrains , livify , thecannibalisticsithlord , aefnur ,  v-v1 , loyotaemi , maghilli , aikorealm , stuckin8bit , stillenvious , halffinger1

and the questions for you all are: (most are based on gaming sorry for not many personal ones..don’t wanna be indiscreet mostly since with many of u i didn’t speak not even once here :’(  )

  1. did u have when u were a kid, a dream, that u are still working on accomplishing even today?
  2. do you prioritize stats over looks or the other way around?
  3. do you still have even today a best friend since childhood/very young age or they are all a memory of the past?
  4. do you invest a lot in your computer/gaming rig/technology or go with the recommended/minimum requirements?
  5. which is the current mmorpg or game u’re playing?
  6. which is the game that u played for the longest in your life? and for how many years?months? hours?etc
  7. adept of a healthy life style ex: jogging, healthy diet etc…or… o.O?
  8. do you like gardening? random i know lol
  9. grinding in games: friend or foe? 
  10. do you like social media or prefer to keep a low profile online?
  11. are you generally okay with posting online photos with yourself or your face is only for the few private gang of friends?
me: *starts typing*
game: *a million windows pop up bc i wasn't actually typing in chat*
me: *hates myself*

Games with English: insert the word “only” anywhere into the above sentence and consider how the placement changes meaning.

Games with English: insert the word “only” anywhere into the above sentence and consider how the placement changes meaning.

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