“I stick my finger into existence and it smells of nothing.” - Søren Kierkegaard

Here be zombies, fairies, gaming ramblings, and grumpy comments about life. Most of the times i'm random...and gaming addicted.

still around in ESO..now with a pretty load-screen image…Also the main reason for me to keep that skill on my action bar…Looks Amazing…at least compared to the gear i have now on me..plus is one more reason to like daedric summoning skill line…

and my elin-babe, Gwendoline …again…

The name is of Welsh origin, meaning white, fair, blessed, and holy, while the spelling “Gwendolen” means ring or bow.

…If I was your girlfriend
I’ll be there for you if somebody hurts you
Even if the somebody was me…..



breakfast :D my PWI cup full of coffee and some chocolate…ehm…something lol. ready to start the week

breakfast :D my PWI cup full of coffee and some chocolate…ehm…something lol. ready to start the week

Elder Scrolls Online - Stonefalls Adventures

After reaching level 17, time had came to leave Stonefalls. It’s been a long while since i spent over 50 hrs in one of the first areas of a game; i loved it and all the places to explore and all the great quests. Now….on to the next area :D

A Class Guide for Diablo III






Demon Hunter:




Witch Doctor:




i actually just died in game while reading this….and recognizing my wiz…. WAS WORTH IT 


Do you just ever love a person so much

But not in a sexual/romantic way

You just love them so much it’s not even a friendship

It’s like they’re your sibling or a platonic soul mate

You don’t want to make out with them or do sexual things

You just want to keep them close to you and protect them and be their friend for life

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The Elder Scrolls Online

The first steps of Lethia on Tamriel. The more i play this game the more i like it, especially the stories around every quest, crafting and exploring,

This is becoming one of the best periods of my life…so much to do and so much to remember, The sad part is that’s almost time to get back to routine. At least i have ESO and the incoming Imperial Edition big box. 

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*aggressively collects money in a video game*

*never buys anything with it*

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Mille, the Norwegian Forest Cat | Jane Bjerkli

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Nooblets playing The Secret World :D Fun content. This is the last boss of Castle scenario…but everything is kinda randomized so this is just one of the possibilities. Started pretty recently to farm this content and we just gotten better. Just some more gear to farm and we can increase the difficulty. 

Scenario: The Castle

Location: Transylvania

Difficulty: Novice/Solo (yeah u can duo a solo instance lol)

Score: Platinum

Gear: QL10 Blues

Build: Fail - changed in the next combat but in this one i completely forgot about having a survival build instead of DPS


Films I can’t live without:

→ District 9 (2009)

"We were on the verge of first contact. The whole world was watching expecting, I don’t know… music from heaven and bright shining lights."