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'Been playing Defiance lately (started a few days ago).  Although i'm playing a lot, because it's so addictive that i can barely log-out…my poor toon (a guy this time) still dies a lot due to me being such a newb at shooters.

The story is really awesome, and the “random-encounter” type of quests are sort of challenging and get harder as more ppl participate. Things get really nasty and punishing at times…to the point of being annoying lol.

I found what weapons i like after trying everything(shotguns duh), where to hit mobs to make them hurt really bad..and i even started to be among first 20 (the 20th lol) in major Arkfalls (pitty i didn’t take pics) with over 40 ppl around. And all this just by playing and not searching obnoxious walktroughs on the webz.

 It’s a RIFT gone badass and it doesn’t try to copy Azeroth or anything that i’ve played until now. Which is good i guess…idk

The oddest thing is the chat system. The chat box is insanely small (the thin line on the lower right in my last pic) and you have to click too many keys to even make it work…and nobody uses it. PPl use voice chat…or something like that. Meh, let’s just say the MM part of the MMO is still underway lol.

Thanks God for something to help me get rid of this high fantasy hole i’ve slipped into. Together with The Secret World, i’m having a fantasy exorcism…Now if i only had someone to play with ….QQ

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